Bald Experiment, Week 2

Today was the first day that I’ve actually been out and dressed up since the major haircut. It is also the day that my grandma had a double mastectomy for her breast cancer that reoccurred. I plan on shaving my head until she’s better, and no one can seem to argue that. For the most part, people love it. Apparently I look good without the hair. I think that since I’ve been losing all of this weight for the past year or two, I can finally pull it off (short hair, that is). I’ve had a run-in with short hair in the past circa 6th grade and my haircut from hell. What was supposed to be a cute pixie cut ended up turning out to be an exact replica of my grandma’s hair. Well, no more worries about bad hair days for at least another month or two. My boyfriend still doesn’t mind the style. I now have peach fuzz, which is very soft and fun to play with. The funny thing is that I feel like my hair is actually getting too long for my liking now. Here’s a current picture: 

Peace and love until next time xox